Golden Door Charter School
It is our expectation that all students will achieve;
no exceptions, no excuses.

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  Golden Door Charter School

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Ms. Fowler and Ms. Thompson
Ms.Figueroa and Ms.Ramos
Ms.White and Ms. Kobylarz

Ms. Karavitis
Ms.Sciancalepore & Ms.Tattoli
Ms. Boscia & Ms.Simon

1st Grade
Ms. McLoof
Ms. Kruk
Mr. Morelli

2nd Grade
Ms. Fortunato
Ms. Hilario & Ms. Lusch
Ms. Coll

3rd Grade
Ms. Lupi
Ms. West
Ms. Kuchar

4th Grade
Mr. Thomas
Ms. Bischoff

5th Grade
Mr. D'Ambrose
Ms. Kraft
Ms. Kania

Middle School - 6th-8th Grades
Ms. Zaki
Ms. Mahan
Mr. Kopp
Ms. Santiago
Ms. Culhane
Mr. Economou
Ms. Florentino
Mr. Quilang

Humanities & Technology
Mr. Giordano
Ms. DeBlasio
Ms. Kinzler
Ms. Vidal
Mr. Thomas
Mr. Montorio
Ms. LaForge
Ms. Chie

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