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Meal Program

The school is pleased to offer our students participation in the National School Lunch and Breakfast program. We offer this program of nutritionally balanced meals to all of our students at a cost based upon the income eligibility guidelines provided on the Federal Income Chart. All meals beginning in the 2015-2016 school year will be served fresh, family style, through a lunch line in our school cafeteria.

The school uses the Pay For It Now System to provide debit accounts for purchases, and increase the speed of food service to our students.

Parents enjoy the convenience of prepaying for their child's purchases at whatever level they choose via a personalized account. Parents can set up, and replenish their child's account in the office via check or money order. Or, parents can go to to replenish the account online.

In the breakfast/lunch line, the identification of students being served a meal is with a biometric finger-imaging device. The device converts the finger image into a numbered pattern that is then stored for future identification at the point-of-service line. This system is NOT associated with fingerprints. It CANNOT be used to identify students by lifting fingerprints and comparing them with the digital finger image. The fingerprint is NOT stored in the computer. This is a positive identification system, only your child can access his/her accounts. Once the child takes a meal, he/she will swipe their finger, and his/her account will automatically be debited based upon their meal status.

Category   Breakfast   Lunch
Full Pay   $1.50   $2.85
Reduced   $.30   $.40

Remember, all meals must be pre-paid for by stopping by the office or going to and adding money to your child's account.

As an alternative to the school lunch, you may also choose to provide a bag lunch for your child. All bag lunches must be provided to the child in the morning, prior to their arrival at school. Parents may not purchase lunches at fast food restaurants and drop them off at the school. We encourage our parents to check the meal calendar in advance to help plan accordingly.

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